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Aquaponics is a revolutionary idea that allows plant and animal organisms to live off each other in near perfect harmony. The system itself is self-sustaining, and very poetic. It combines conventional aquaculture, which is raising fish, snails and such, with hydroponics, and which is cultivating plants in water, in a symbiotic environment.

Here, the water from an aquaponic system is Continue reading »

Backyard Liberty Aquaponics Systems

Aquaponics is derived from two words, aquaculture and hydroponics, Aquaculture means raising aquatic creatures such as fish and snails and hydroponics is growing of underwater plants. Aquaponics is a clever system, which allows for the survival of both the fish and the plants, and they are interdependent on each other for nutrition.

Both the systems depend on each other for sustainable food production, and clean living environment that keeps them both alive.

Aquaponics is not a new method. It has been known to exist since the Aztecs, and also people of southern China and Thailand have known to use similar methods in their farming techniques. Continue reading »

Aquaponics Fish and Vegetables

The Aquaponics system works under two major supplements; one is fishes and another is vegetable plants. The fish in water tank provides the waste excretory compost for plant to survive.

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What do you need to Know about Backyard Aquaponics

Backyard Aquaponics is basically maintaining a thin line of system of aquatic plants and fishes and to make them sustain but how do you actually let them flourish in your own background is the question. Now who isn’t motivated by the prospect of their own kitchen garden?

To add to all this, it is totally a closed loop system where Continue reading »

Aquaponics: The KnowHow

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Aquaponics is raising an aquaculture by combining the farming of fishes with the practice of raising plants in water. The practice of

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raising plants is known as hydroponics. The experts in the field say that it uses very little water and absolutely no soil – the two dwindling resources for traditional farming. If not much, one can always purchase a hobby greenhouse and place it in the backyard.

Something like this can be placed almost in anybody’s yard in an urban or a suburban area. Aquaponics is now set to transform the Continue reading »